Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yay, for my job.

I sit there and do nothing until customers come in then I have to do something, and then I do nothing again. :P It's fun and I get paid 7.50/hour. :) But this cuts back on crochet time. But also gives me money to buy yarn and various other items. :D
<3 Jes.


vicki said...

lol yup without your job, you would not have been able to get the stuff from me girl, i got more yarns for sale soon and will have pics made soon that will show ya what ihave and if your interested, you can have some fun and get some great bargains. lol hugs

Sonia said...

Hey you!!!
Come check out the blog now!
You saw how it was as the original, Let me know what
you think about the changes!
I'm so happy about it! lol
Hope to talk to you soon,

Cant wait to see the teddy bear!